By Bridget Reed

8 Gamer Snacks You Need To Go All Night

Whether you’re a new gamer or a seasoned player, you’ve probably realized that obliterating your enemies and achieving S-rank doesn’t just happen by accident. Becoming a true pro at your game of choice requires a strategy.

A gaming setup that maximizes ergonomics and comfort is just one part of that strategy. Curating a snack lineup that will keep you focused all night long is another. And while we might not be able to help you find the right gaming chair, we can definitely help you find the perfect snackage for your marathon gaming session. 

After all, boss snacks fuel boss campaigns -– and if there’s one thing we know, it’s boss snacks. Here are the top 8 snacks you need to keep your fingers twitching fast all night long.

8. Trail Mix 

Before you roll your eyes, hear us out. Trail mix isn’t just for hikers anymore. Even the most basic trail mix is like the Swiss Army Knife of snacks, with nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate or M&M’s all thrown into one convenient package. 

You’ve got protein, a little sugar, a little healthy fat — every handful has everything you need to keep your reflexes sharp, even after hours of gameplay. For gamers who want to go the distance and need some old-fashioned fuel, trail mix is a solid bet. 

7. Almonds

Maintaining the focus and dedication needed to get the dub requires strategic snackery. The perfect snack provides enough energy to keep you up as late as necessary but not so much that you hit a wall and choke halfway through the night. 

Good news, gamers. Just like our Level 2 Blueberries strike the perfect balance of sour and satisfying, almonds also hit the perfect balance between quick energy and long-term stamina. They’re rich in nutrients and protein, which is great for keeping you full and focused all night long. 

6. Grapes

When it comes to outlasting your opponents, having the right snacks on hand is only half the battle. Hydration is also key, so the gamers here at Final Boss Sour High Command recommend grapes as the perfect combination of thirst-quenching and satiating. 

Plus, they’re easy to grab and snack on without losing too much fingers-on-the-controller time. (Pro tip: Try sticking both grapes and your favorite sour fruit candy in the freezer the night before the battle royale for a leveled-up snack experience.)

5. Beef Jerky 

Beef jerky is a staple on every endurance snack list for a reason. This portable and lightweight food is packed with protein and lean on fat, making it a great source of energy that won’t weigh you down later in the night. 

Plus, the stick form makes it super easy to munch on during loading screens or skin selection. Jerky does run a bit high in salt, so just be sure to chug some water along with those jerky sticks, so you don’t accidentally dry yourself out. 

And, of course, if you need a change-up from the taste of salty jerky, feel free to alternate with something sweetly sour (looking at you, Level One Cranberries) to even things out. 

4. Chickie Nuggies

This wouldn’t be a proper list without the classic standby: Chicken nuggets. There’s just something special about finger food and dipping sauce, especially when consumed after 3 a.m. Chicken nuggets provide protein, which is great for both feeling full and the brain health necessary to murk your enemies with maximum efficiency. 

By the way, that dipping sauce? We recommend a 50-50 mix of mayo and ketchup for the ultimate experience. It’s the best sauce out there. Argue with the wall. 

3. Pizza Rolls

When you’re in the heat of battle, you need something quick and easy to eat without having to take hits on your health bar in the process. Enter an all-time Hall-of-Famer in the snack kingdom (drumroll, please): pizza rolls.

These snacks could not be easier to make – just stick them in the oven for 12 to 15 minutes, and you’re golden (and if you’ve done it right, so are they!). Plus, pizza rolls have carbs, AKA the quick energy boost you need to keep your eyes from dropping when a campaign stretches til sunrise. 

2. Dried Fruit

Snacks don’t get much more low-maintenance than dried fruit. All you have to do is rip open the bag and enjoy, making it a great option for getting a much-needed energy boost even in the midst of a sniper attack or high-intensity battle. 

Some dried fruit options are super sugary and sweet, while others (those on the healthier side) don’t have any added sugar. In other words, there’s a type of dried fruit for everyone — even those with taste buds that yearn for the super sour, thanks to our top snack choice for gamers…

1. Sour Candy

And finally, #1 on our list of boss snacks for late-night gamers: Sour candy. Nibbling on something super-sour makes it easy to stay awake and focused into the wee hours of the night, especially when the candy in question is high in antioxidants (thanks to being made of real fruit!) and free of artificial flavors. 

Not sure what type of sour is best for you? Try a little bit of everything with our Final Boss Elite Pack, featuring Cranberry, Blueberry, and Strawberry flavors at all three levels of sour strength. 

Level One is for newbies to the sour game, Level Two becomes more challenging, and Level Three is almost OP — play if you dare. 

But don’t forget that these sour puppies are acidic, so don’t go grabbing your controller after handling them. Why not just dump ‘em in your mouth straight from the bag? That’s our style.


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