Player Bios

  • Animated honey badger in pixel art style.

    Hank the honey badger

    Introducing Hank, the anti-hero. Grumpy and self centered, Hank has to buck up and save the day because he’s the one that messed up. He’s tough as nails, but does he have the mettle to defeat the Final Boss?

  • Animated Quokka in pixel art style.

    Quinnie the Quokka

    Meet Quinnie, a merry marsupial with a sixth sense for sourness. She volunteered to help Hank on his quest for redemption. But don’t mistake her kindness for weakness as she battles along this mission.

  • Animated spider spewing green venom in pixel art style.


    This Level 1 Cranberry miniboss has long harassed the inhabitants of Eldergloom Forest. But no one took him seriously until the Final Boss emerged. Now that his twisted beliefs are validated, he feels entitled to mayhem.

  • Animated alligator snapping jaws in pixel art style.


    This Level 2 Cranberry miniboss is the Final Boss' harrowing henchman. Feeding his need for belonging, He's the ultimate yes man, carrying out evil orders without hesitation. Beware of his brutal bite.

  • Animated cat wearing backwards cap in pixel art style.


    This Level 3 Cranberry miniboss is steering her vengeance tour right at our heroes.  Canceled for her divisive opinions on windowsill territorial rights, the former pop-star has found a new fan base among the Final Boss’ bitter sycophants.

  • Lardsworth

    This Level 1 Blueberry miniboss is never full. The 3rd generation heir to the Frumpkin Hill Farms dynasty, this swine will do anything to keep outdated and chaotic control over his fiefdom, even aligning with the Final Boss.

  • Shellsea

    This Level 2 Blueberry miniboss would like to speak to your supervisor. She's been sunbathing at Crockweiler Public Beach forever and wants everyone to know it. She thinks this makes her above the beach rules and that The Final Boss has her back.

  • Connie

    This Level 3 Blueberry miniboss is the owner/operator/mascot of Connie Con Carnival. The fair was shut down for years due to fraudulent games and unsafe rides. In exchange for Connie's loyalty, The Final Boss has reopened the shoddy park.

  • Beester

    This Level 1 Strawberry miniboss would like you to drop and give him 20. The Darengeti’s most-awarded Sour Strength Coach values obedience over independence and keeps a signed poster of the Final Boss in his locker. You Wilde-best keep your distance!

  • Billton

    This Level 2 Strawberry miniboss is the lead engineer of the Dume Flume. This quack cannot believe he isn’t more respected for his intellect and accomplishments. He dove in with The Final Boss to show everyone what ruffled feathers are capable of.

  • Moo

    This oversized mole is the Level 3 Strawberry miniboss. He’s been working the ShardShaft Mines for over 80 years and thinks sunlight is a hoax. His isolation and dim outlook have left him vulnerable to the Final Boss’ treacherous propaganda

  • Animated dark cloud with red question mark floating in front in pixel art style.

    The Final Boss

    Few alive remember the horrors of the Final Boss' last reign of terror decades ago. His return has sparked confusion, anxiety, and anger. No one has ever laid eyes on his true form, but his sour presence is felt and tasted throughout the realm ever since his release.

The Legend of final boss sour

Wait, what? Ok! So we got this grumpy, self-centered honey badger named Hank, who thinks he's hot stuff in the lush forest. One day, while traipsing deep into a cave, our boy Hank stumbles upon a jar of expired pickles that is actually an ancient relic. Little does he know, that relic holds the dormant essence of the Final Boss Sour, an evil sorcerer dude banished for spreading sourness and despair.

Anyway, ol' Hank, driven by curiosity (or lust for disaster), opens the jar and BAM! The Final Boss is back in action, spreading his sour vibes all over the land. Everything's gone sour, like eating a lemon coated in vinegar.

Now Hank's feeling all guilty and responsible for this mess, so he begrudgingly sets off on a journey to fix things and redeem himself. Along the way, he meets Quinnie, a sugary-sweet Quokka who's all rainbows and sunshine. Ugh, way too cheerful for our grumpy honey badger.

Turns out Quinnie has this superpower, she can sense the power of the sour fruits needed to defeat the Final Boss. Hank, not one to enjoy teamwork or good vibes, reluctantly agrees to let her tag along because, hey, she's got the goods they need to save the day.

As they go through different levels, they face challenges and mini-bosses that put their skills to the test. Each level, they chow different native sour fruits that give them the power they need to face the Final Boss. It's like their sourness level is directly proportional to the challenges they overcome, right?

So help Hank and Quinnie get things back to normal by munching on Final Boss Sour fruits.  Build your sour stamina by leveling up and maybe you will have what it takes to slay the Final Boss!